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New video for M2W: Saviors of the Universe!

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Our friends at M2W, Inc., an experiential marketing company, approached us to create a video that explains their services in a memorable way. 

This Week's Best Web Videos


Happy Friday everyone! Your friendly neighborhood video production company has scoured the web to bring you the best videos we've seen this week. Take a look and let us know which is your favorite in the comments. Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorite Videos — Staff Picks


Here they are, the best videos on the web this week. Let us know your favorites in the comments. Have a good weekend!

Non-Branded, Branded Video Content with Joel McHale


Branded video content is becoming more and more prevalent on the web. Companies are realizing that to engage with consumers online, the 30 second spot model is largely ineffective. Instead, brands are trying to entertain their audience and create conversations and goodwill around their businesses.

Friday Favorite Videos — Staff Picks


Happy Friday! Below are the best videos on the web this week as curated by your friendly Red Productions staff. Let us know your favorite in the comments and have a great weekend!

Funny Friday Web Videos


Each Friday, our staff picks their favorite videos on the web and we post them here for you to decide which is the best. Let us know which are your favorites in the comments. 

Friday Favorites — Staff Picks


Happy Friday everyone! If you're looking for ways to kill time until the Rangers game tonight, check out our staff video picks this week, and tell us which one's your favorite in the comments.

Video Editing Now Available Within YouTube

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Big news this week from the world's largest video syndication platform. Until now, videos posted on YouTube could be easily shared and hosted, but never altered.

3 Great Marketing Teaser Videos (and 1 that's terrible)


A teaser is a short video intended to gain the interest of a viewer in an attempt to build excitement about what comes next. Brands and companies do this with varying degrees of success through the production of a TV commercial series or viral web videos. Finding the right balance of interesting and engagement can be tricky in video production projects like this.

3 Web Videos to Speed up Friday Afternoon


It's Friday. It's 4:00. Here's a few videos to get you through the last hour of the work week. Enjoy.

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