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New video for M2W: Saviors of the Universe!


Our friends at M2W, Inc., an experiential marketing company, approached us to create a video that explains their services in a memorable way. 

So what did we do? Andrew Disney and Jared Knight developed concepts with wizards, robots, zombies, time-traveling owls, and skin tight costumes. Unfortunately we had to cut the time-traveling owls, but everything else made it through! 

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(The wizard just got cast in Hangover 3. Seriously.)

We captured this in a one-day shoot outside the Red Productions office. As with any video production project, this one came with a unique set of challenges. There's a lot of movement and coordination throughout the video. One of the shots requires 7 different actors in a non-breaking :60 shot, which is tough to manage — and we had to get in one take. 

There's also a ton of work needed in post-production for the video to have the right look and feel. The music and graphics throughout the spot establish the tone and pace, and the proper color treatment is required to make a zombie apocalypse actually feel like a zombie apocalypse. 



We really enjoyed working on this project with M2W. It's always fun when a client lets us do something ridiculous/absurd/awesome. Learn more about their company at


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Posted @ Thursday, April 04, 2013 5:27 AM by Nancy
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